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Bearing internal clearance selection standards

Under normal operating conditions (e.g. normal load, fit, speed, temperature, etc.), a standard internal clearance will give a very satisfactory operating clearance. Customers should pay attention when coming across the following conditions.

● Example of selection of clearance other than CN (Normal) clearance

Service Conditions Clearance Application Example(reference)
Large interference for heavy or impact load C3 clearance or larger Railroad car axle
Inner ring is exposed to high temperature
Outer ring is exposed to low temperature
Traction motor
When shaft has a large deflation
For increasing axial load capacity by increasing contact angle
Pulp and paper machine dryer
For outdoor use in cold area
Interference is required for both inner and outer rings due to indeterminate heavy impact load Semi-floating axle of automobile Bearing of railroad car axle for carrying axial load Thrust bearing of axles of rolling machine
When both inner and outer rings are clearance-fitted for controlling vibration and sound C2 clearance or smaller Roll neck of rolling machine Small, special electric motors

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