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Chain / belt shaft load
The tangential loads on sprockets or pulleys when power (load) is transmitted by means of chains or belts can be calculated by formula:

Kr = f b* Kt where,
Kr : Sprocket or
pulley radial load, N
f b : Chain or belt factor

For belt drives, an initial tension is applied to give sufficient constant operating tension on the belt and pulley. Taking this tension into account, the radial loads acting on the pulley are expressed by formula. For chain drives, the same formula can also be used if vibrations and shock loads are taken into consideration.
Chain or belt type f b
Chain (single) 1.2~1.5
V-belt 1.5~2.0
Timing belt 1.1~1.3
Flat belt (w / tension pulley) 2.5~3.0
Flat belt 3.0~4.0

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